Rod L`Italien, Founder of Circle Finishing, was born and raised in Newburyport, Massachusetts. He attended local schools and furthered his education at Essex County Agricultural School. Finding part time work, he signed on with M&V Electroplating Corp in Newburyport. After a short stay, in 1952, he was called into the U.S.Navy and served in the Korean Conflict. In 1956 he received an honorable discharge. Rather than pursue a career in agriculture, he regained his position with M&V Electroplating. In August of 1956, he and his wife were married.

Employment at M&V Electroplating lasted for 7 years. He reached the level of plant superintendent.

In 1963 Rod and a fellow worker started a new electroplating company.
The name was SiNiChro, short for silver, nickel and chrome.

After a failed partnership, in December of 1963, Rod moved on to Haverhill Plating and managed that business until December of 1967.

March of 1968 Circle Finishing was born and was incorporated in April of that year. At that point Circle specialized in high volume nickel, chrome, and brass plating with antique finishes. They also polished all types of metals, restored antique metal ware from lamps to classic automobiles.

Circle was growing rapidly and soon had many employees. In 1978, to manage the volume of paperwork, Rod`s daughter, Melody, joined the Company. In 1982 & ‘83 Rod’s sons, Rodney, Mark & Eric got on board as managers and apprentices. In this time frame, anodizing was added to its list of specialties.

In December of 1992 Circle suffered a devastating fire, sending the finishing operations to three different locations. In 1993, after purchasing a new home in the Newburyport Industrial Park , insurance funding would only allow for the polishing and anodizing to be set up. All of the plating is still available, but at a separate location.

Today, Circle employs 17 people and specialize mainly in high quality anodize, chromate and passivate finishes. We are ISO9000 compatible and can certify to any specification that we provide. Our track record for "on time" service is impeccable; we know the importance of the "delivery pace" in this frantic business world.

After 43 years in the metal finishing industry, we remain committed to our customers, providing the highest quality finishing standards possible.