Buffing & Polishing Services

Mechanical Polishing can be performed to specified RMS finishes. Can be used to remove oxidation and corrosion from base metals, remove mild impurities and imperfections, or to create a more smooth, even, mirror like finish.

These processes are used smooth surfaces and to enhance the appearance metal parts. They can also produce a reflective finish, remove oxidation and prevent contamination and oxidation. Polishing removes thin layers of the surface, eliminating the smallest burrs, particles, unevenness and impurities. It leaves behind a shiny surface or can produce a non-reflective, specified RMS finish.

Very smooth finishes with an RMS of 8 or less have many applications as they can be decorative as well as suitable for atmospheres such as vacuum chambers and clean rooms where cleanliness of a surface is critical. Proper polishing helps eliminate pitting and unevenness in a surface where dirt or bacteria could adhere.

Polishing can be as simple as a one step operation or may require a series of many steps.

Circle uses a wide variety of tools, belts, discs, wheels, and compounds to achieve the desired finish. These services are applicable for most metals.

Vintage pewter set restored with buffing & polishing services.
Vintage pewter set restored with buffing & polishing services.