Custom & Decorative Chrome


Often, custom chrome plating is referred to as “triple chrome plating”. This terminology is not intuitive, in that it does not represent 3 layers of chrome. It refers to the most common process which is comprised electroplated layers of copper, nickel, and chromium.

This process can be applied to almost any metal substrate. What sets decorative or custom chrome apart from other plating specs is the substrate preparation. Decorative chrome can be as simple as bright nickel plating and subsequently chrome plating an already clean smooth piece of metal. Or, in the case of a full restoration of an older item – it can mean chemical stripping, bead blasting, sanding, pre-polishing, blocking, filling, straightening, buffing and polishing – or any combination of these steps – in addition to the actual electroplating process. Some parts may need 2 to 3 layers of copper in order to minimize or eliminate unwanted imperfections before the final nickel & chromium layers are applied. Therefore, all decorative and custom chrome jobs are not alike. It can be as simple as “rack & run” or require dozens of labor intensive steps and many hours to achieve the desired result.

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