Circle Finishing’s masking department offers a wide array of masking materials and procedures.

Many of our customer’s parts require points of electrical contact and/or grounding points. Since Anodize films (type II & type III) are non-conductive, areas requiring electrical contact must be protected via masking before anodizing. Oftentimes, an aluminum part is thoroughly cleaned and treated with a thinly applied chromate or Iridite film to protect the aluminum before masking. This procedure also aids in the adhesion of paint and tape masking.

Plugs and caps are most often used to protect both internal and external threads and dowel pin holes against the build up which would be experienced by the anodize process.

Masking is very valuable in protecting critical dimensions of tight tolerance areas, and also allows for applying more than one finish on the same part.

Circle Finishing’s masking department has experienced a high level of success through accurate and diligent print translations as well as quality control measures.

Ask to speak with our experienced and knowledgeable masking team to discuss your specific needs.