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All finishes are dependent on base material, preparation, and plating processes followed. Contact our knowledgable customer service team to find the best process for your product.  

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Anodize Type II

Nickel Acetate Seal Available

Anodizing is an electrolytic process used to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of metal parts.

Harcoat Anodize Type III

Teflon Impregnation Available

Hard anodizing is typically applied to heavy wear industrial parts intended for use in aggressive or highly corrosive applications. This coating is typically far thicker and harder than normal anodizing, lending the parts a durability approaching that of hard faced or case hardened steel. Hard coated metal usually becomes a dark gray to a black finish, coloring can vary depending on the aluminum alloy. 

Sealed items are even more corrosion resistant. The oxide layer is part of the metal, it won't peel off very well insulated don't conduct heat or electricity well, is especially useful for parts to be used at high temperatures.


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Also Known as: Iridite/Alodine/Chemical Film


Copper finishing can be used as a standalone service for a decorative finish or as an undercoat to increase thermal or electrical conductivity, increase resistance to corrosion, or to improve adhesion of another finish.




Electroless Nickel Plating

Low Phosphorus, Medium Phosphorus Available

Similar to stainless steel in color. Plates uniformly in recesses and cavities (does not build up on edges) and provides good corrosion resistance hardness and an added wear resistance. 

Can be applied to all common base materials and provides superior protection for light metals

Electroless nickel can also be rendered non-magnetic, making it the optimal choice for electromagnetic shielding.

Bright Nickel

RoHS Compliant

Bright electrolytic nickel has excellent corrosion resistance and is a hard nickel deposit.


Gold Plating

18K Gold

Gold plating can range from a yellow to orange color depending on the proprietary process used, and will range from matte to bright finish depending on base metal. 

Silver Plating

A corrosion resistant finish that can be used for jewelry, medical equipment, aerospace and more.

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